Hiring A Personal Tour Guide on A Budget

In the world of budget travel, the hiring of a personal tour guide probably seems like the first thing to strike from the planning list.Certainly, this is luxury reserved for the wealthy, who swagger into a given locale and find someone to answer their every question and attend to each detail of the visit.

If that's your view of hiring a personal tour guide, it's time to reconsider the issue.

This is not a guide to spending thousands of dollars for a personal assistant. These hires can last as little as three hours or four, and might come in at less than you'd pay for a mid-range restaurant meal.

Think about investing that small amount of money to amplify the sights and sounds you've spent thousands of dollars to visit.

Who are Personal Tour Guides? 

Many of the guides will lead walking tours with small groups. They are unlikely to follow a script. These are native sons and daughters of the area. In many cases, they grew up in the place you're visiting. They'll have interesting stories and insider recommendations for you to enjoy.

Don't think of tours in terms of 40 people boarding a bus for the day. The type of guide you want to hire will cater to small groups and arrange transportation only when absolutely necessary. On a given day, you might even have that guide to yourself.